The Michigan Technology Leaders 2006 is an exclusive forum for technology leaders from the Great Lakes region who are committed to innovation, excellence, and results. During this prestigious event, delegates are selected from corporations in the Great Lakes region who control purchasing and implementation of IT budgets.

These delegates will spend two days participating in executive private business meetings and informal networking sessions. In addition, there will be a dynamic agenda compiled of keynote presentations, panel discussions, and case studies that will address the key issues affecting the local industry, including economic policies and business development.

The event is made up exclusively of the technology leaders driving our economy. Together, this group will have the opportunity to participate in various forums to discuss current challenges and potential solutions.


  • Creating and Strengthening Technology Leadership
  • Maximize Return and Improve Business Results
  • The Impact of Globalization
  • Technology Trends from the Experts
  • How to get real business value out of technology.
  • How to develop and increase existing partnerships within our community.
  • Using technology as a tool to develop new businesses and new educational opportunities.
  • Discuss how the combination of entrepreneurial knowledge and access to technology can spur innovative economic development.
  • Mitigate Risk ~ Ensure the security and continuity of internal and external business operations.
  • Improve Performance ~ Optimize business operations across the enterprise from end to end.
  • Increase Agility ~ Enable your business organization and operations to adapt to changing business needs and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


Bringing to you for the first time ever the 2006 Michigan Corporate Partnership Award showcasing a relationship between individuals or groups that are characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal.

If you would like to share your story and be considered for next years recipient of the Michigan Corporate Partnership Award, please send an email to: mcpa@michigantechnologyleaders.com.

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